Images of Russia

One of the most challenging projects: in 2 months it was necessary to create 50 infographics of cultural objects of Russia.

There was no initial data except for list of the objects. 3 content managers have been searching the web and historical libraries 24/7 for the most interesting historical facts about every object. At the end all of them were ready to become professional guides on these monuments :-)

During the project I assembled a team of specialists from different fields: from content managers to illustrators.

The final result with all created infographics you can find on website
Project Manager: Marina Podkopaeva

Art Director: Paul Ryabov

Photographers: Igor Smykov, Igor Arkhipov, Anton Pavlov, Valeriya Popova, Alexei Tavix, Dmitry Neumoyin, Igor Dolgov, Viktor Karasev, Pukhov K, Losevsky Pavel, Victor Karasev, Igor Nizov, Mariana Saushkina

Designers: Denis Loskutov, Paul Ryabov, Slava Lebedev, Andrew Zareckiy, Victor Yanko

Illustrators: Seva Kolendo, Oksana Ovcharenko, Tatiana Popovichenko, Julia Zhdanova, Mila Basenko, Alisa Novos, Vera Andreeva-Yansky, Sergey Gavrish, Anastasia Ashihina, Dmitry Baskakov, Oleg Tsoy, Vyacheslav Kobozev, Marianna Blakravell,

Editors: Marina Podkopaeva, Vera Arenyeva

Content: Aleksandra Egorova, Mike Reznik, Vera Grusheva
Ministry of Culture
In that serie of "Images of Russia" my team and I created 50 infographics of historical objects located in 4 regions: Moscow and the region, Crimea, Krasnodar and Astrakhan Region.

For now the whole project "Images of Russia" consists of more than 1100 described historical objects: for some of them were created videostories, for some - infographics.
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